Sancho Food | La Mancha
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La mancha sancho food virgin extra olive oil


The Dry Land. They say the origin of La Mancha comes from Arab “scarcity of water”. La Mancha is a region of extremes: severe cold winters with torrid summers. Its inhabitants adapted to the land with few resources and cultivated the few possible options with great benefit. In La Mancha we get like nowhere else the famous “Mediterranean Trilogy”: Cereals, Vineyards and Olives.


Valdepeñas is the biggest wine producer region in the world.


We get from the wheat a craft bread that smells to village: it feeds both body and soul.

The pastures feed sheep flocks that produce the famed Manchego Cheese, praised as one of the best in the world.


In October we see the Saffron Rose bloom, crops original from Middle East, but getting in La Mancha the highest quality: “Made in Spain” seal is your best guarantee.


The centennial Olive trees expand through immense lands along La Mancha. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is already appreciated all over the world.