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Every year, when harvest comes and the cascade of fresh olives roll into the mill, I see the juicy oil shine like gold and it reminds me the story of my heritage.


It is the value of mother earth, heritage, nature and family that I am so proud of presenting you today with SANCHO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Heart of SPAIN.


When he was only 12, my father José planted some 200 olive trees in his small piece of family land. It was a reduced crew: his father and his elder brother, 14 years old. It took them several months to complete the task, using the spare moments of countryside labor. Those were times of scarcity: my father always talks about “sad mood and few food”.


Today, when I wander around the olive groves and watch these majestic trees, already mature and pregnant with fruits, I can’t help thinking of that little boy in his knees burying the slip into the earth: what would he be thinking in that precise moment?

José turned 80 in 2018. He taught me the values of land, respect for Nature and commitment to family, same as I will do with my daughter, adding so a new link to a chain that is repeated the same way so many centuries ago.


We receive the result of effort, care and experience: we harvest the best fruit of the Land of La Mancha, in the heart of Spain. Our precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil.