We Are Sancho


My Dream

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To produce fresh, high quality, deliciously flavored olive oil to enhance your meals and promote good health.  Further to promote fair trade in support of the local economy through the export of my products to the World
Mr. Antonio Gomez Coronado
SANCHO FOOD Ceo & Founder

Quality Commitment

Obsessed with the Best

Our company is the completion of years of skillful work selecting only the best products grown in our lands. We take care of all the details and the traceability from the olive grove to the produce section to bring you this unique, healthy, genuine, and traditional product.

  • Timing: We harvest the olives at the pick of maturity when they reach their optimal moment of maturity.
  • Care: We hand-pick the best olives to produce our EVOO
  • Know-how: Our milling facilities are only a few miles away from the grove to guarantee immediate extraction in cold conditions. Typically, only a couple of hours after harvesting we start milling our olives!
  • Storing: We store the resulting Olive Oil in stainless steel tanks, sealed with gas to preserve its natural conditions 
  • Traceability: each batch is numbered and dated. You know when your oil was bottled
  • Crystal Clear Information: We provide the harvested date on each label on every bottle.  This is a truly unique feature of our product. 

World No. 1 Quality Saffron

High Quality Spanish Cheese

Original Spanish Grape Vinegar

Fair Production

Our Production stands on three pillars:

  • Natural Blend: The blend of varieties we use is the result of the choice of trees planted decades ago, with two, three, or more different varietals indistinctively.
  • No Mixing: We never mix the oils obtained from the harvest. Each terroir produces its own oil and gets stored in a single tank.
  • Public Testing: We have our oils officially tested and publish the results immediately