Land of Taste

La Mancha

Our Homeland

La Mancha
The Dry Land. They say the origin of La Mancha comes from the Arabic language and it means “scarcity of water”. La Mancha is a region of extremes: severe cold winters and torrid summers. Its inhabitants adapted to their land with few resources and cultivated the only possible options with great benefit. 
In La Mancha we produce the ultimate quality of the "Mediterranean Trilogy" - olives, cereals, and wine. 



Timeless Heritage

Preserving the heritage endures in La Mancha today.  Agricultural techniques that have existed since the time of Don Quixote are still proudly practiced.
The olive tree has shaped the La Mancha landscape for centuries.   This is also the largest wine area in Spain.  
Endless pastures are still populated by sheep flocks, from where we obtain the famous Manchego cheese.

World No. 1 Quality Saffron

High Quality Spanish Cheese

Original Spanish Grape Vinegar