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DOP Campo de Montiel


Where we live
The locations of Membrilla, San Lorenzo de Calatrava, and Villanueva de la Fuente form the triangle where the Protected Designation of Origin CAMPO DE MONTIEL is located. The name pays homage to the old region founded by the Order of Santiago in the 12th century.
With almost 125,000 acres and around 3,000,000 olive trees, the lands of Campo de Montiel can produce around 8,000 yearly Metric Tons of Olive Oil.

Cooperative Spirit


Our DOP was created in 2004 and it groups around 20 companies and cooperatives with around 6,000 producers. All of them join a 2nd class cooperative with the mandate of producing, bottling, and marketing our EVOO.

Campo de Montiel has a modern complex for research, categorization, and bottling of our Extra Virgins, plus a new distribution and marketing hub located in Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real, Spain).

World No. 1 Quality Saffron

High Quality Spanish Cheese

Original Spanish Grape Vinegar

Less is MORE

All stages of cultivation, harvesting, and production of our Olive Oil are strictly regulated by the control panel of our DOP, including a detailed code of good agricultural practice. Only those oils that comply with the regulations can go through the external certification and obtain the right to be labeled and numbered with the exclusive DOP CAMPO DE MONTIEL.
We are proud to say that only 10% of the entire production obtains our seal. For us, less is MORE!