A healthy breakfast prepared in 9 minutes

You do not need to invent complicated procedures. Yes, the answer to many health and culinary questions is always EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Do you wish to know what I get for my breakfast every day? couldn't be any simpler:

Take a toast of bread (I usually have rye bread, but any white bread will do as well) and add a generous coat of SanchoExtra Virgin Oil. On top of it you add tomato spread (I normally use a grater and get the pulp of half a tomato for my toast) and if you wish, you could also add a bit of salt. If you wish to get some extra energy, you could put one or two slices of any white fresh cheese. 

If you combine this with coffee or tea, you are getting a decent amount and choice of nutrients: Bread will give you the carbs you need, the oil will supply good Omega3 acid, the tomato pulp works perfectly as your Vitamin C portion (and thus you will eliminate the extra sugar added to many industrial orange juices available in the market) and the cheese would add some dairy supply. 

Promise you it won't take you more than 9 minutes!

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