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Our NonGMO Certifaction


VERIFIED project
We are so happy to inform you that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards, including ongoing testing of all major high-risk ingredients. 
The funniest part of the story is the number of processes we needed to change in order to fulfill the Project requirements: ZERO!
We simply stated what has been our golden rule for centuries already: we squeeze just olives to get their juice. Only olives, just juice. Our motto: olive outside, oil inside!

Sustainable Production

Future Guarantee

Our landscape has been sculpted by our people for centuries. Our trees have been giving us their fruits for so long. Not-irrigated groves, almost no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides in our lands. Olives' transportation to the mill creates a very low carbon footprint. 
Almost no waste generated, as the rest of our squeezed olives are sent to other factories for extra processing (they produce other low-quality oils, like pomace or what many call simply "olive oil" - another reason for you to check carefully the details of the label and look for the wording "Extra Virgin")
The rest of the olive pit is nowadays used as a great fuel for home heating, so almost nothing needs to be recycled after the olive oil is produced. 

Carbon Foot Print

we are responsible of our carbon foot print

As we work to drive emissions to zero, we believe that we—and all businesses, really—should be held accountable for our environmental impact. So until we reach our goal of zero, we have invested in offsets such as an Olive grove in Spain and an open space farm in Virginia to support the neutralization of our footprint.

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We believe in NATURE

Far from industrial techniques, We, La Mancha inhabitants, are proud of producing our foods exactly the same way our parents did. Because we believe in Nature, and Nature is wise. You just need to respect Her and She will always be generous, with abundant crops to fill up your table with healthy products