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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes mainly from two varieties of olives. The majority is the Cornicabra, adapted since time immemorial to the extreme climate of La Mancha, of harsh winters and torrid summers. The second variety in importance is the southern Picual, originally from Jaén, which displays a personality of its own in our region.

The product is defined by a great fresh fruity, which brings back memories of green apple. This feature is accentuated in the mouth, adding very pleasant touches of fresh bitter almond

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Our Secret

Picual variety conveys the oils its characteristic burning aftertaste, while Cornicabra variety adds a typical bitterness. Both notes are the physical signals of a crucial chemical presence: the high concentration of polyphenols, the best natural antioxidant existing on earth.

The balance we get with our coupage of Picual and Cornicabra varieties gives the Olive Oil a genuine high expression, with strong character and very personal taste, which will enhance any dishes on your table, from salads to grills.

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